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Company Profile

Who We are

Digital Mountains was created in 2010 in Thessaloniki by people with proven experience and reliability in the field. We soon have developed into one of the most important and recognizable IT equipment manufacturing companies in Greece.


What we do

For us, a refurbished product is one that after remodeling is the same as the factory one. The basic principle of the company is to offer high quality reconstructed products and services, which will bring our customers the greatest possible benefit guaranteed. Digital Mountains provides refurbished IT products from major brands in the field, such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.


Your vision, our future

Our vision is based on the vision of our customers. Our goal is to become the top choice in the field of refurbished IT equipment for every professional in the field.

And … why Digital Mountains?


The experienced sales department in combination with the Service department offers our customers the best services


Detailed inspection, factory painting and responsible packaging


Same day delivery, service in two days, large stock